There are two ways to join our games: Discord or IRC. Both are described below:


To join us using Discord, the only thing you need is a Discord account.

You can then install the Discord desktop client or use the web client from within your web browser.

Once Discord is up and running, you can join us using this invite link.


To join us using IRC, we recommend using either the QuakeNet webchat client from within your browser or use a desktop client like HexChat.

To join using the webchat client, choose a nickname and enter the #ut2004.assault channel.

To join using a desktop client, use the QuakeNet IRC server. If your desktop client does not offer a preset, you will have to set up a new connection to the QuakeNet IRC server at Once you are logged onto the QuakeNet server, you can join the #ut2004.assault channel.

Once you are in the channel, notice the topic at the top of your Discord/IRC client. It will show which players are currently queued up for a game.

This could look like this:


In the example above, 3 players in total are in queue and on standby for the game to start: 2 people using Discord, 1 using IRC. The two questionmarks are placeholders for the two missing players required to start the pickup game.

The users having a <D> in front are discord users.

Since you're up and running now, you can continue with queueing up for pickup games.

  1. Make sure that you're actually available to play at least one full game. We can look past rare no-show cases - like when you simply forgot to remove yourself from the queue or your kitchen is burning. But this should definitely not become common behaviour.
  2. The chat command .a will add you to the list of players queueing for a game. As soon as you are in the queue and on standby for the game to start, the channel's topic at the top of your Discord/IRC client will change and display all current players in the queue. There should also be a text message showing the current queue everytime it changes. The command .r will remove you from the queue.
  3. Once 6 players are found, the queue will reset and a game will start. The assault bot will send a message to the channel and a message to you in private with the required details, consisting of a list of players, the game server IP address and the optional TeamSpeak 3 IP address.