You can follow these 3 easy steps to join our games and play with us!


Join either our Discord or IRC by following the steps below.
Join via Discord
To join us using Discord, the only thing you need is a Discord account. Install the Desktop Client or use the Web Client from within your web browser.
Join via IRC (Webchat)
To join using a desktop client such as HexChat, set up a new connection to the IRC server at "". You can use both the standard, unencrypted port 6667 and port 6697 for an encrypted connection via TLS/SSL. Once you are logged onto the IRC server, you can join the #ut2004.assault channel.


Type "!Add" in the chat to add yourself to the list of players who want to play.
You can see the list of players that are added at the top of your Discord or IRC client in the topic! It might look like this:


Type "!Remove" in the chat to remove yourself from the list when you don't want to play any longer or you aren't ready to play in the next 10 minutes.
Once 6 players are found, the game will start and the list is emptied. The assault bot will send a message to the channel and a message to you in private with the required details, consisting of the list of players, the game server IP address and the optional TeamSpeak 3 IP address.
Make sure that you're actually available to play at least one full game. We can look past rare no-show cases - like when you simply forgot to remove yourself from the queue or your kitchen is burning. But this should definitely not become common behaviour.